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How FADeN Cooperative Limited Started

The idea of starting the FADeN Cooperative Limited was conceived by its Founding President- Ganiu Ademola Okeowo in April 2018. It was born out of the several interactions of the founder with both Government and Private sector led agricultural financing programme.

The agricultural programme’s though laudable, he observed is not far reaching in addressing the entire value chain of Agribusiness Development for smallholder farmers groups. Particularly without a pragmatic cooperative platform that is private sector motivated and commercial agribusiness oriented.

In May 2018, Ganiu A. Okeowo named his proposed cooperative as Federation of Agribusiness Development Network Limited abbreviated as FADeN Limited. He also went ahead to create a domain name with the intension of launching a website for National visibility.

In his quest to register the federation as a National Apex Society with the Department of Co-operative at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) in Abuja, the name was corrected as National Federation of Agribusiness Development Cooperative Limited. Having created a website with the domain name (www.faden.com.ng) he chose to retain the abbreviation FADeN Cooperative Limited since the N is retained in the word National as against Network that was removed.

The FADeN Cooperative Limited website (www.faden.com.ng) was launched on the 26th of May 2018, to among other offers ask for affiliation from Primary Cooperatives operating in the food and agribusiness value chain nationwide.

The founder came up with a vision and mission statement and was able to put together a draft constitution, work plan and business plan for the Cooperative before engaging affiliate cooperatives to review the documents for adoption prior to registration as a National Apex Society in line with the vision and mission statement.